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Under the Sea

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Went to Nassau, Bahamas today and did the Sea & See Tour. First part of the tour was a boat ride aboard the catamaran Ballyhoo to get to a semi-submarine. On the way there we got a harbor tour from Slim who was very entertaining. When we got to the semi-submarine we went down stairs and took seats by windows to see outside. Saw a lot of turtle grass and coral, ballyhoo (which are long, skinny silver fish that look like mini swordfish), snapper, and puffer fish. Some people saw starfish and a turtle, but they were on the other side of the vessel.

After a bit on the sub we got back aboard the Ballyhoo to head back to land, once there we got on a bus for a tour around the island. I definitely wouldn’t want to live there, the drivers are crazy, plus people just walk out in the middle of the street without really looking. We stopped at Fort Fincastle for about 15 minutes to look around and take photos and then headed back to the pier where the cruise ships were docked.

What Happened In My Birth Year…

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

In 1983, A Movie Ticket Cost $3.15

Ronald Reagan is president of the US

Sally Ride becomes the first American woman to travel in space

Marines are killed when a TNT laden suicide terrorists blows up Marine headquarters at Beirut International Airport

US Marines and Rangers invade the island of Grenada and evacuate hundreds of US citizens

The Soviets shoot down Korean Airlines flight 007

The Internet Domain Name System was invented by Paul Mockapetris

Ronald Wilson Reagan signs a bill creating Martin Luther King Day

Baltimore Orioles win the World Series

Washington Redskins win Superbowl XVII

New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup

Return of the Jedi is the top grossing film

“Every Breath You Take” by The Police spends the most time at the top of US charts

The A-Team and Webster premiere

Captains, Reporters, Helmsmen, Bajorans and Mad Artists… Oh My!

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Just got back from Motor City Comic Con not too long ago. Had a blast as usual.

Once we arrived we decided to get in line to see Avery Brooks first since he had the longest line of the people I wanted to see. It was about a 20 minute wait but was worth it, he was very friendly.

Next got in line to see Joe Pantoliano and then Margot Kidder, both of which were also nice.

The next few had almost no line so went rather quickly. Saw Anthony Montgomery and Walter Koenig, I know I keep saying this but its almost amazing how friendly they are, you always hear stories of famous people being rude and aloof, none of these people were like that.

Next person I saw was Chase Masterson, who even after what I said about everyone else, is still I’d say in the top three for nicest, sweetest person I’ve met at these conventions. An absolute sweetheart.

After her autograph we went to where they were doing a screening of the first two parts of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, after a slight detour getting lost. I really enjoyed it, it’s an underground fan film with a relatively small budget but I think they did a good job with what they had. It even stars a lot of actors from the actual Star Trek series. I’m definitely looking forward to part 3 sometime in June and good chance I’ll pick up the DVD in July

Also met up with some friends at the screening so showed them the pictures and autographs I’d gotten so far.

Afterwards went and got a print signed by Al Feldstein as well as a photograph with him. And yet another person who was extremely friendly.

After that did some walking around the dealer’s area and did buy a HeroClix single and then left and went to Mongolian Barbecue for lunch and then headed home.

And in a new personal record, I have photos posted within 24 hours! Huzzah!

Mediterranean Meandering

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Yay! The day is here. I’ll be leaving for the airport in a couple hours and then after a layover in Chicago we’ll be on my way to Italy. We’re leaving Saturday afternoon but won’t arrive until Sunday morning. We’ll also be arriving before we can board the cruise ship so we’ll be doing some sightseeing when we get there to kill some time. I plan on checking in while on vacation as well, assuming this ship is like the last one and has internet access. I hope so, because not checking my mail for two weeks would mean needing another vacation when I got back to go through and delete spam, both in my inbox and from the comments. Thank goodness for comment moderation ;)


Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Went to the A.Y.U. reunion concert last night at EMU last night. And before you start wondering, no I hadn’t heard of them before either. They are an A Capella group. One of the members was on the Invisible Man tv show and so I know him through the fan club, and that’s how I heard about the concert. Defintately glad I went. Not only was the music great, but the banter between them was cool as well. They defintately put on a wonderful show.

They said they’ll be putting video from the concert on YouTube so when they do I’ll try and remember to post links.

Update: First videos are now on YouTube, yay!

Long Overdue Con Report

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Well, I’m back from California, and I probably should have done posts while I was there instead of waiting because I’ve probably forgotten stuff now, but I’ll do my best to remember what I can.

First day in California I met up with some of the people who were attending the I-Manicon and had dinner at the Sizzler. Or tried to at least, food never came, not a good time. Then we started getting the goody bags ready for the con the next day.

The day of the actual I-Manicon was good. We played games, watched some fan made music videos based on the show as well as an episode of The Invisible Man. Sadly, none of the cast made it in person that day but Mike McCafferty did talk to us from Michigan via speaker phone.

On Sunday mom and I braved Los Angeles public transportation to go to Burbank to attend the live show of The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd. Had a great time at the show, the cast was awesome. And I got “volunteered” form the audience to be in the show, which if you’re interested you can download here.

When we got back to the hotel Sunday night the group ordered pizza and then later in the evening Mike McCafferty stopped by to visit with us for a bit on his way home from the airport.

Monday the group did some sightseeing and then went to an Italian restaurant called Buca de Beppo’s. we ate in the Pope room which not only had pictures of Pope’s all over but also had a bust of the Pope on a lazy susan that was on the table. The lazy susan was to pass the food since everything was served family style, which meant when you passed stuff the Pope would be looking at different people. Paul Ben Victor also met us there along with a couple of his friends to hang out with us for a bit.

Tuesday we drove from Los Angeles to San Diego, trip wasn’t too bad. We didn’t really run into any major traffic and we got to use the carpool lane.

Wednesday we took a ferry to Coronado island to do some “sight seeing” although that actually translated more to shopping.

Wednesday night we headed to preview night for the Comic Con. Saw some interesting stuff and got quite a few pictures of some of the more interesting booths and displays.

Thursday was the actual official first day of the con. There weren’t any panels I was really interested in until the afternoon so I spent some time wandering the dealer room, including picking up a raffle ticket for Fin Fang Foom from the WizKids booth, which ended up being a winner, yay!

The first panel I went to that day was a DC panel focusing on the Countdown event that’s currently going on. They revealed some interesting things, but for the most part they were cryptic, as were a lot of other panels. The coolest thing about this panel was afterwards I was able to get Paul Dini’s autograph as well as a picture with him.

Later I went to the Spotlight on Scott Kurtz panel, who is the creator of the web comic PVP. Most of the stuff they talked about was about the new web based animated series based on the comic strip. It was interesting, but I personally prefer the comic strip.

The last panel I went to on Thursday was a retrospective on Star Trek, looking back over the past 40 years and somewhat to the future. No one from the actual show was there, but was some interesting stuff.

Friday the first panel I wanted to see was earlier, it was on adapting comics to the screen. Nothing too earth-shattering, although did get to see Stan Lee. Also found out that there’s plans for a live action Teen Titans movie.

After that went to a spotlight on Paul Dini, who is currently working at DC, but before that he worked on the Bruce Timm DC animated cartoons, notably Batman: The Animated Series.

After that panel I met up with a friend I know from City of Heroes and walked around the dealer floor with them for a while and chatted for a few hours. Also met and chatted to Roger Chang for a bit, very nice guy.

The next thing I did was go to the Jim Henson panel, they were promoting a couple new projects, the first one didn’t interest me much but their other project The Skrumps looked like it could be interesting.

The last panel of the day was the DC Nation, which had a few cool reveals, but nothing offhand that I can really recall.

Saturday was really eventful. First thing was a panel on the Marvel Ultimate Universe. Some interesting things coming from there, and I have to say Marvel reveals slightly more in their panels then DC does.

Next panel that day was one of my faves, Cartoon Voices 1 (other fave was Cartoon Voices 2). Panel had various voice actors, including Joe Alaskey who voices the Looney Tunes now, Will Ryan who does voices for Disney as well as Adventures in Odyssey, Kathy Garver who voices Angelica Jones/Firestar on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Rob Paulsen who was the voice of Pinky on Pinky and the Brain among other voices as well as a few others. There were some questions and answers but the best part was when the moderator had them perform an extremely edited down version of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds. Each of them played multiple parts, and in one scene three characters were arguing, and were all played by the same actor. Also during the performance when the moderator said ‘Switch’ whoever had the last line had to redo it in a different voice. And afterwards Rob Paulsen sang “Yakko’s World” from memory (Video is from 2006, didn’t find one from this con). I was also able to get a photograph with Will Ryan and Joe Alaskey.

Next was another DC panel and then a Marvel panel on stuff happening with Spider-Man. The one thing I remember from the DC panel was they had two people on stage dressed up, one as Mary Marvel in her new black outfit and the other as Knockout. At one point someone dressed as Spider-Man got to the microphone to ask a question and Knockout ran over and “beat him up”. And speaking of Spidey… there’s some interesting stuff happening with the line up of the Spider-Man creative team. I’m definitely interested to see what they do to/with the webhead.

Nice thing about Saturday was all those panels were in the same room so I was able to get there find a great seat and just park there all day. I was also going to go to the Smallville panel but a few things changed my mind, one was the extremely loooong line to get into the room, it stretched down and around 3 or 4 hallways. Also I thought about it and decided I didn’t want to be spoiled on what was coming up next season. And lastly, I was busy running back to hotel room and then back to convention to get to the FedEx inside the con to mail something back home before they closed. That in itself was a harrowing adventure, one I hope never to have to repeat.

Sunday was the last day of the con, and while I had fun I was kind of glad too since I was getting conned out. First panel was another DC panel. Honestly I wish I had written this up sooner so I could remember more, but now most of their panels kind of blend together.

I then went to the other Cartoon Voices 2 panel, which was pretty much the same as Cartoon Voices 1 (including the War of the World’s performance), but with different actors. This one had among others, Michael Bell who did voices on the original Transformers, Gregg Berger who also did voices on Transformers, including Grimlock, and Maurice La Marche who was the Brain in Pinky and the Brain.

I then wandered around the dealer room one last time as well as said hello to Roger Chang one last time. I thought about going to a couple other panels, but since none of them were things I absolutely had to see, and I was getting uncomfortable with the sheer number of people, as well as being conned out, I left the con early and headed back to the hotel.

I definitely had a great time and I’m glad I went, but not sure yet if I want to plan on going next year. Something to think about.

Humans, Holograms, Talaxians and Housecalls

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Went to the Motor City Comic Con yesterday. I had a great time, although I am now broke. Got a lot of autographs from Star Trek actors including Jonathan Frakes, Grace Lee Whitney, BarBara Luna, Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer, Robin Curtis, Ethan Phillips and Robert Picardo.

Everyone was friendly, especially Robin Curtis, Ethan Phillips and Robert Picardo. I also bought Robert Picardo’s two cds that I didn’t already have. I could have bought them earlier off of his website but I was wanting to wait until he came to a convention so I could get them autographed as well.

Later in the afternoon went to a question and answer panel with Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips. They’re quite hilarious and were joking with each other through pretty much the entire panel, oh and they answered questions too.

After the convention we stayed and watched an original play called Housecall that was written and performed by Ethan Phillips and Robert Picardo which reprised their roles from Star Trek: Voyager. Quite humorous, especially the ad libbed parts, if you ever get a chance to see these two at the same con and they’re doing the performance I highly recommend seeing it, well worth the $15

All A-Twitter

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Just signed up for a twitter account. Still trying to get it integrated with my site though.

Update: Got it working, I think Twitter was having some issues.

Happy Pi Day

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Yes folks, it’s that special day again, March 14th… aka 3/14… aka Pi Day! So go out there and have a piece of pie to celebrate.. or something. ;)

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Ooooh… WizKids just announced the colossal HeroClix figure for this year. The one I was hoping for.. Scalier than Galactus, Greener than The Spectre.. Yes.. It’s He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains and Whose Back Scrapes the Sun, THE MOST FEARFUL MENACE OF THEM ALL! Fin! Fang! Foom!

I’ll definitely be doing my best to acquire one for my collection.

I Dream of Geni

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Thanks to Veronica for this info. A new social networking site is in the wild. The difference? This one is genealogy based. It’s called Geni and it’s pretty much a social family tree, so that you’re entire family can add to it and update it. Also apparently if you add someone who’s already a member it will merge the trees.

And for those worried about your info being out there it looks like only people in a tree can see that tree, so only people you’re related to in someway can see you.

Free Music Friday

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Just found this cool site that every other Friday puts up about three free Christian songs. You can find it here. Today they have songs from Michael W. Smith, Michael Olson and Ayiesha Woods. If you want the free songs though you have to hurry, they only stay up for 24 hours.

O Brave New World, That Has Such People in It

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

I went last night to see Shakespeare’sThe Tempest” put on by the Royal Shakespeare Company, starring Patrick Stewart as Prospero. It was my first time seeing Shakespeare, although it was different than I’d imagined. I thought it was going to be more “period” with lots of old English and old costumes, but it was modernized a bit.

Another difference was instead of taking place on a jungle island like in the original play (or at least how I’ve always seen it portrayed when the plays been done on tv), they changed the location to a more arctic setting.

I’ll be honest, the main reason I went was to see Patrick Stewart, but I really enjoyed myself and after a few minutes I forgot it was Patrick Stewart up there for the most part and became absorbed into the story.


Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Went on a ‘Dolphin Encounter” today in Belize. Learned a lot about dolphins and the area around Belize.

Afterwards we got into the water with a couple of the facilities dolphins and interacted with them. The two we saw were Bill and Ronnie (the girls were in another area) and we got to pet them, and see a few tricks and even got a kiss. Lots of fun.

No Flaming Chainsaws, But Still Fun

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Saw a cool show last night on the ship. The first act was a juggler from Mexico, who was very entertaining.

The second act was Dai Andrews, one of less than 50 professional sword swallowers, as well an escape artist. I have to give him props for not only actually doing sword swallowing, but doing it on board a cruise ship, especially since last night the boat was really rocking.

Also, both were funnier in my opinion than the comedian the other night.

Come on in, the Water’s Fine

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Went on the first dive of the trip today. It was a two tank dive in Cozumel, Mexico. The water was nice and clear and very warm. It did rain but not until after the second dive. I did have a bit of trouble on the first dive since I didn’t have enough weight I had to work to stay down and ran low on air before the dive was over and had to go up early.

The second dive went a lot better, I added some more weight and didn’t have any trouble and was able to stay down the entire time.

We also met a nice couple from our cruise ship who just got certified on labor Day and are going diving at every port, so a good chance we’ll see them in Costa Maya.

Balancing Act

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Went to another show on the ship last night. The first part of the show was a performer who balanced all sorts of things, including a bicycle (the back wheel was on his forehead and the front wheel was turned and in the air spinning), a giant metal pyramid frame on his forehead, a golf club balanced on a golf club which was balanced on another club and then the top club was spun, and a dagger and sword balanced end to end.

After him a comedian came out named Michael Macy. He was pretty funny but I think between the two acts I prefer the balancer.

Lots of Rays, But No Stinging

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Went to a show on the ship last night, it was a Broadway style musical called “Generations.” It was pretty good, it was a montage of old rock & roll songs as well as dancing.

Arrived in Grand Cayman today and went on the first shore excursion of the trip. We went swimming with the stingrays in “Stingray City” and were able to pet and feed them. Surprisingly they’re really soft. We then went snorkeling at a small coral reef for a bit before heading back.

Food Prep, and Lot’s of It

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Took a tour of the ship’s galley this morning. Was interesting, they had a list of how much food is used on the ship, which is a lot! The one I remember is 5000 pounds of ice cream. They also had someone carving an ice sculpture, another was carving jack’o'lantern, another was carving flowers out of vegetables and one more was making flowers out frosting.

Of Buffets and Life Boats, Of Bon Voyages and Dolphins

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Found our rooms without too much trouble. We then had lunch, which was a buffet with all sort of things. After that we had a lifeboat drill (which we hopefully won’t need).

We’re leaving port now and I’ve finished calling people to say goodbye.

And the first “cool” note of the trip: I saw a dolphin in the water while leaving port.

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