…Long Live the DCnU (Part 2)

Well, another week of new DC #1s have come out. Thirteen of them to be precise. And due to the number of them, I probably won’t go into too much detail on my thoughts on most, if any, of them.

Action Comics #1
I really liked this one. While it does take place a bit in the past compared to most of the other titles, Superman has already been around, so there is no origin story. But he still is new and not at what will eventually become his full power. I also enjoyed the references made not only to Smallville, but also to Superman’s earliest comic appearances from the original Action Comics #1 and beyond. I do have to thank Golden Age Superman, a podcast done by a friend of mine, for that one, since I wouldn’t have caught those references had I not listened to the show. There are also references to being faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive and leaping over tall buildings, without really outright saying it… well other than the tall buildings part. One thing I did notice though on my second time through the book… a lot of people in Metropolis have lazy eyes. But I will definitely be picking up #2 next month.

Animal Man #1
Compared to many other characters in comics, I haven’t read much of Animal Man, but what I have read I’ve liked. So when this was one of the titles announced I was excited about it. However, when I actually went to read it the excitement level dropped somewhat. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but I just didn’t care for the art style of the book. And while I did find the story intriguing, didn’t care for the more horror-esque turn it took near the end. Not the very end, since that was also intriguing, but right before the end. The book got a bit more graphic. And while I am curious about where the story will go, due to the art and more graphic nature, I might just wait and read reviews online to see where the story goes. But I haven’t decided for sure yet.

Batgirl #1
This was a title I was both looking forward to as well as a bit wary of. I know it isn’t necessarily fair to compare the new titles to the books they’re replacing, but I’d come to really enjoy the previous Batgirl series with Stephanie Brown as the title character. And while I have seen Barbara Gordon as Batgirl in various television incarnations of the character, she has always been Oracle during my comic reading life. That part of her history wasn’t completely wiped out though, she did spend time in a wheelchair after the events of the killing joke. However, seemingly all of a sudden she was able to use her legs again. The book doesn’t go into detail on how it happened, but I’m hoping it is brought up later instead of it just being a “it happened just because it needed to for the plot” sort of thing. There are also one or two plot and story elements that I didn’t quite care for, but because I like the character of Barbara Gordon I’m going to pick up the second issue at least to see where the story goes.

Batwing #1
DC did something a bit daring with this one, the title character is almost completely new. He did make an appearance or two in Batman, Inc. but other than that I don’t think he has been seen elsewhere. I do applaud them on the effort, since it would be quite easy for them to just take established characters and put a fresh coat of paint on them, but it does also mean this book will probably have to work a little bit harder than others. And I think it did well for the first issue, it not only introduced us to Batwing and his supporting cast, but also to a new villain and set up a mystery. This one also got a bit graphic in parts, but it wasn’t as bad as some of the other titles this week. Though I’m still a bit up in the air on whether or not I’ll be getting issue #2.

Detective Comics #1
I’m honestly still not sure how I feel about this one. The story piqued my interest, but I thought of all the non-T+ rated books out this week this one skirted the line the most. At least in terms of the graphic nature of some of the art and story. This is another one I’m kind of interested in seeing what happens, but not sure if I’m interested enough to buy it, or just check spoilers online when issue #2 comes out.

Green Arrow #1
I enjoyed this book, though it wasn’t perfect. I liked the story and the art for the most part, but there were certain aspects of the story that confused me and at times I thought some of the faces seemed a bit “off”. Also, a lot of times when I read comics the voices I hear in my head come from tv or movies I’ve seen of those characters. In the past for Green Arrow I usually heard the character from the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. However, due to the story and how the character acted, this time the voice I heard Green Arrow from the Smallville tv series. This is another one I’ll be picking up next month.

Hawk & Dove #1
Even though what DC comics is doing is a reboot (even if they won’t admit it), some books still seem to be using the pre-New 52 continuity. Hawk $ Dove is one of those, part of the story clearly ties back into the Brightest Day event that happened not too long ago. I’m not complaining, I’m curious to see where that bit of the story goes, but it is odd that while everything is getting a new #1, some things are still continuing previous storylines. I didn’t think the art was bad, but not necessarily spectacular either, somewhere in the middle. And while there were some points in the story that I didn’t care for, it wasn’t enough for me not to like the book. I’ll be picking up issue #2 next month.

Justice League International #1
This is either my favorite issue out this week, or at the very least tied with Action Comics #1. Unlike Justice League #1 where we only see about half of the eventual league, and really only get to know two of those, the first issue of this book gives us an introduction to every member of the team. Are the introductions fleshed out? No, but the book does give us enough to give us at least a feel for their characters. We also get the first story arc rolling. Not only will I definitely be adding this one to my pull list, it will also be near the top of my reading pile on the weeks it comes out.

Men of War #1
I actually enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. Both the stories (this book had a back-up feature) and the art were well done in my opinion. But basically it comes down to the fact that I just didn’t find myself caring about what happens to the characters next enough to pick up issue #2. It isn’t a bad book by any means, just not for me.

This was my least favorite title released this week. I didn’t think the art or writing was bad in this book, but unfortunately I didn’t think either one was amazing either. At the end of the story I just didn’t care what happened to the characters to get them to where they were before the comic began or about what would happen to them next.

Static Shock #1
I know the character has been around before in the comics, but the majority of what I know about the character comes from the cartoon series that was on a while back. Thus, my reading of this book was compared to that. While I only recognized some of the characters, the ones I did know acted as I expected. There was one or two things though that I was confused about. I don’t know if it was stuff from previous continuity that they brought over, or something new for the reboot that we’re just not being told about yet. Either way I hope they explain it in the near future. Due to certain events and reactions in the book I also got a strong Spider-Man vibe from the title, but I’m not complaining, in a way it does add some realism. This is another title I’ll be picking up next month.

Stormwatch #1
When this title was first announced I knew nothing about it. Leading up to the reboot I did find out that Stormwatch was a team that was supposed to be similar to the Justice League in nature, but from one of DCs imprint companies. When I heard this I was a bit more excited for the book than I had been at first. I thought the art was well done and the story was interesting, but due to the fact that other than one character in the book I don’t know who these people are I didn’t feel invested in them. Like a few other books out this week I’m not sure yet whether I’m interested enough to pick up the next issue or just find out what happens some other way.

Swamp Thing #1
While I did like the art more in this one, I had a similar reaction to this one as I did to Animal Man. I’m intrigued by the story, but not a fan of the more horror-esque aspects of it. As such, I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll be picking it up or just finding out where the story goes via spoilers online. It’s not a bad book, rather well done actually, I’m just not sure it is for me.

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  1. xforce11 Says:

    Didn’t follow Oracle but was not happy that the de-aged Barbara and wiped some of the history away. Will be dropping Batman and keeping B&R. Picking up Nightwing b/c I like Dick and think he earned to be Batman. Almost 2 weeks out and I’m still waiting on my subscription to JL to come in.

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