The DCU is Dead…

As you may or may not know the past few weeks have seen the “last” issues of the majority of DC Comics titles and I thought I’d give my opinion on how some of them ended. This won’t be an in depth review, just my thoughts on how the last issues were handled by DC. Thus, it shouldn’t get too spoilery, but I may inadvertently let something slip. You have been warned.

I’ll start with the relatively easy titles to comment on. Green Arrow, Superboy, Supergirl and Teen Titans. The final issues for these titles were also the conclusion to multiple issue story arcs. While I thought when I first read them that they lacked a certain something for a finale, thinking back they weren’t ended too badly. They weren’t ended in a way that it said this is the end, more in a way that says while you may not see these characters again, their stories would still go on.

Next I want to comment on Power Girl and Zatanna. Both of their final issues were one and dones, so there wasn’t any loose ends to tie up from previous stories. While I did find the issues enjoyable, they could have really fit anywhere in the run and didn’t really feel like a finale. I did enjoy the bit of fourth wall breaking in Zatanna at the end though. Power Girl however ended in a way that you could interpret as the story continuing, but unlike the previously mentioned books it seemed like there should be more to the current storyline and not just continuing new adventures.

I’ll go for what may be one of my more controversial reviews next, Superman. I know a lot of people didn’t care for the final story arc of the series with Superman walking across America. And I’ll admit that I can see why many people thought that way. I did as well at some points, but my OCD-ness kept me reading the book anyway. And while some of the issues were confusing and not always the best, I did think the final issue did help to answer some of the questions that I had wondered about during the story.

Next I’ll look at Justice League of America and Justice Society of America. JLA wasn’t quite ending a story arc, nor was it really a one and done per se. Part of the issue was flashbacks to adventures that happened after the end of the last story arc and before this issue started. I think what was shown was stuff the creative team had planned to do, but didn’t get the chance due to the title ending. And like Zatanna, this title also had what might very well be breakage of the fourth wall. JSA is another matter though, this one was the last issue of a story arc, but it came earlier than the creators expected. There was one conundrum plaguing a certain character throughout most of the storyline that hadn’t yet been resolved in the previous issue, the way it was solved here was simply the character in question basically saying “I got better”. Overall I thought the endings to these two titles were sadly rushed.

I’ll give my thoughts on Batgirl next. I’ve really enjoyed this book pretty much from issue one, so this was one of the titles I was saddest to see go. I thought the last issue was a good send off, however since I’d read and heard interviews with Bryan Q. Miller, the writer of the title, I knew about some of the things he had planned to do later on if the title had continued and am a bit disappointed I won’t get to read those stories. Another disappointing thing was the fact that a couple issues previous was an issue that would have crossed over with the Batman, Inc. title. Due to the constraint put on the writers with the issues ending what would have been a two parter in the Batgirl title was condensed down to one issue. And what would have been in Batman, Inc. was instead condensed down to one line making mention of it in an unrelated story in that title’s final issue.

The last titles I want to mention are Adventure Comics and Legion of Super-Heroes. The final issues for these books also wrapped up the current storyline. The odd thing however is that both issues ended with a blurb at the end of the characters stories continuing in September. That’s right, I know I said that DC was ending its titles, but what most of you who’ve actually read this far probably know is that the reason they ended the titles is because they’re doing a “reboot”. The confusing thing however is that some characters are being rebooted and some of their history is being erased. But other titles, such as Adventure Comics and Legion of Super-Heroes, are continuing on from where they left off, just restarting their numbering and in some cases being retitled.

Personally, I think the whole “ending” of the entire line could have been handled better, but I’m not going to bad mouth the new titles before I read them. And I’ll actually be giving all 52 #1s a shot since I’ve already pre-ordered (and pre-paid for) them through my local comic shop. I know the new Justice League of America #1 hit stands today, but since I don’t pick up my comics until Friday it will be at least until then before I can read and comment on it.

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