Let’s Get Geeky #34: Gronk

I first heard about the web comic Gronk when I met the creator of the strip, Katie Cook, at a local comic convention. I was walking around the artist alley section of the convention floor with some friends of mine who are friends with many of the various artists and they introduced me to Katie. While at her table looking at some of the art she had for sale I noticed a sign saying she had also done work on some of the recent Fraggle Rock comic books and talked to her about that.

When I went home later that day after the convention I decided to check out the web site for her web comic since she’d been so friendly at the convention. I don’t recall if I read the most recent ones first and then worked my way backwards, or if I started at the beginning and worked my way forwards, or maybe I did a combination of the two and met somewhere in the middle… Either way I made my way through the archives in short order, usually smiling, if not chuckling or even laughing out loud at most of the strips. Katie posts a new strip every Friday, a day which for me is already filled with awesomeness and joy since it not only starts the weekend, but is also payday 50% of the time and is also the day I usually pick up my comics from the comic shop. But even with all that knowing that there is a new Gronk comic waiting to bring a smile to my face makes Fridays even more awesome. The comic is adorably cute, but not in a sickeningly saccharine-ish way, and also has references to many geeky elements such as the Muppets, Lord of the Rings, Avatar the Last Airbender and others.

Needless to say, yet I will anyway, I highly recommend checking out not only the web comic, but also Katie’s other work as well.

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