Let’s Get Geeky #33: VeggieTales

I was first exposed to VeggieTales when I was helping watch younger kids for a mother’s group at a local church. One of the kids would bring in a VeggieTales video every so often for the other kids to watch. And thus I would watch as well.

Obviously back then since computer animation was reletively new the older videos look clunky compared to stuff that comes out today, but I enjoyed it.

Part of what I like about the series is the entertaining silliness mixed with a good message. A lot of the early shows were basically Bible stories but as time went on they’ve started doing parodies as well. They’ve spoofed things such as Indiana Jones, Wizard of Oz & Superheroes. But always with a moral built in, but not necessarily shoe horned in.

I also enjoy the shows for the music and songs. One of the things that is in almost, but not every, show is an intermission section normally called “Silly Songs with Larry”. Which are quite fun, entertaining and yes, silly.

There is also lots of music and songs used in the main stories, some of those are also silly but unlike the intermissions they have a point in the story.

The stories have a Christian slant, and my faith is important to me so that is another reason I like them. But I think other people who may not share my views might find some of them fun as well.

2 Responses to “Let’s Get Geeky #33: VeggieTales”

  1. Jeff in Texas Says:

    VeggieTales are awesome! We’ve been buying them “for” our daughter for years but now that she’s older, we seem to be buying them more for us. The stories are good and the fact that they include stuff for the parents is fun as well. For my last birthday (my 43rd), my wife and daughter even bought me a VeggieTales CD…Bob & Larry sing the 80′s, where the Veggies sing their version of several 80′s tunes. It was awesome!!

  2. CoolB Says:

    I don’t even have kids to use as an “excuse”. Though I am a couple videos behind. I have Bob and Larry Sing the 70′s. Quite fun.

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