Let’s Get Geeky #32: The Pretender

Like the main character in the show, my geeky experiences with The Pretender share similar aspects with other works mentioned previously in this series, and more than likely ones not yet mentioned. It may seem a bit repetitive if you’ve read the previous articles, but I’m gong to do a brief comparison of The Pretender and how it is similar to other geeky things I enjoy.

Like Star Trek, I was first introduced to The Pretender at my best friends house. Unlike Star Trek however I didn’t get as into the show right away. My actual entering into the shows fandom came from watching reruns on TNT, much how my exposure to Smallville came from reruns on ABC Family. And similar to Sam Backett Quantum Leap, the title character Jarod pretends to be something he isn’t. Unlike Sam who literally randomly takes over the life of another person while he tries to right a wrong before it happened, Jarod usually finds out about a wrongdoing before hand and takes on a role that will put him in contact with the person who is responsible and finds a way to get them to confess. This isn’t always the case though, at times he has pretended to be a specific person or has just been in the right (or wrong) place at the right (or wrong) time. And being that Jarod is a genius, which is good, it is hard to pretend to be a doctor one day, a lawyer the next and a race car driver another, to name a few, so while he does do some actiony stuff, such as running from the people chasing him, he mainly uses his mind to get things done. Hmm, big brain, solving problems through thinking, some action but mainly running… just like Doctor Who!

But, while the show doesn’t seem to have any one detail that makes it unique in this series of articles I still enjoy the show, the actors are good, as is the over all plot line running through out the series, as well as most of the individual episode’s stories. Sadly however, The Pretender does share an aspect with one other previously mentioned show in these articles. Just like The Invisible Man the show was canceled before its time. Unlike The Invisible Man series, The Pretender did get two made for television movies, but sadly those just brought up more questions than they answered.

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  1. Vania Says:

    And for more answers, and questions, you should check out Rebirth, the new book written by Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle. They are trying to bring the show back. Be sure to check it out and visit their official website here http://www.thepretenderlives.com

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