Let’s Get Geeky #25: Exiles

Exiles was the first X-Men based comic series that I read. I was familiar with the X-Men from the animated show from the 1990′s but the state of the X-Men and their roster and books was confusing at the time. For that matter things are still confusing with them in some ways, but that would be a tangent. The reason I was into the Exiles however comes down to two main reasons.

The first reason is the premise of the book is that six characters from different alternate realities became “unhinged” from time and became Exiles and had to hop from reality to reality to fix something. This meant that almost every storyline sent the heroes to a universe we hadn’t seen previously. So with my enjoyment of the What If? line of books this was right up my alley. Unlike the What If? books however in Exiles you got to keep traveling with the six main characters of the book so you got to see these new worlds through their eyes.

That brings me to the second reason I like the Exiles, the fact that for the most part there were only six main characters, unlike the regular X-Men books which had countless characters in their books it felt like. And since the members of the Exiles were pretty much all from alternate realities instead of the main Marvel universe (also known as the 616 universe) if a character was put into harm’s way you couldn’t be sure if they would make it out alive or not. And many times they didn’t. When this happened the character (or characters in some cases) would be replaced by someone from another dimension becoming “unhinged”. Often the characters in the book were people we recognized by their name and/or look but because of their coming from a different reality their back story and personality weren’t always what you’d expect.

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  1. xforce11 Says:

    I loved Exiles it had a special place in my heart. I grew up with New Mutants/X-Force and enjoyed Excalibur and Ex-treme X-men. But I enjoyed the Exiles not being tied to the cross-over continuity.

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