They May be Going Rogue, But They Look Great Doing It

Went to the City of Heroes: Going Rogue panel at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday. Most of this stuff is probably already on the internet but just in case you haven’t seen it yet here are some highlights.

  • The Cathedral of Pain is returning in Issue 18.
  • New mission features including:
  • If you kill/defeat a contact in a mission you won’t get any more missions from that contact.
  • Sabotage & subterfuge missions where once you’re in a mission you can call another contact to get a different objective to do while inside.
  • Tip missions where choices you make inside will either take you morally closer to good or to evil.
  • The tip missions are used when choosing whether or not your Praetorian will end up as a hero or a villain, or for when your hero or villain wants to either make the switch to the other side.
  • Of course you can also keep on the side you are already on and those who do will get rewarded. At least one of these rewards is access to special purple Invention Origin Enhancements.
  • Two new mission map sets, The Underground and Praetoria Tech sets that will eventually also be available to use in Architect.
  • Seven new costume sets including:
  • Overguard
  • Resistance
  • PPD
  • Clockwork
  • Alpha
  • Omega
  • and one other that I can’t recall at the moment
  • All auras will now have the option to be combat auras.
  • New zones in Praetoria including
  • Nova Praetoria
  • Imperial City
  • Neutropolis
  • and The Underground, which like the sewers in Paragon City will have corresponding areas underneath each of the top levels.
  • There are also no War Walls in Praetoria so you can see from one zone to the next, I am however not sure if there are still loading screens or not.
  • Protests is going to be a new zone event in Praetoria where you have the option to either help the cops stop the rioters or help the rioters.
  • They didn’t say what it was but they did say they are working on more Super Boosters.
  • New factions including:
  • Loyalists: They are loyal to Emperor Cole and have two sub-factions:
  • Powers: These loyalists crave more power.
  • Responsibility: They want security and peace.
  • Resistance: They see Cole as a tyrant and also have two sub-factions:
  • Wardens: They want a normal uncontrolled life.
  • Crusaders: They want freedom, no matter what it costs.

I had a great time meeting and talking with Matt “Positron” Miller, Melissa “War Witch” Bianco and David “Noble Savage” Nakayama who are all extremely nice people.

I also got a chance to try out Going Rogue on one of their demo computers and I have to say the graphics look awesome! I reallllly need to upgrade my gaming setup…

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  1. Vivid Muse Says:

    Thanks for sharing the info! Looks like they’re doing some amazing things, I’ll bet folks are having fun with beta!

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