Good-Bye Carnival Miracle

Had to leave the ship today :( Since the people we were travelling with are now Carnival V.I.P.s we got to leave the ship earlier, but since we didn’t know that at the time we were booking flight home we booked a later flight so we spent about 3 hours waiting to check-in and then after we checked-in we waited about another 4 hours or so on the other side of security.

The flight home was one of, if not the worst, flight I’ve ever been on. The overhead bins were full when I finally got on board so had to put my carry on in seat in front of me. I wear about a size 13-15 (depends on shoe) so not having any where to put my feet was not fun. If that wasn’t bad enough the woman in front of me had her seat reclined the entire flight. Even during take-off and landing when they tell you to make sure it is in an upright position. What’s worse is that after both announcements the flight attendants did a walk through to make sure things were in order and never said anything to her about putting the seat upright.

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