When in Rome…

Well, today was a lot better than yesterday. We did the Rome on Your Own excursion, which was great since we didn’t get herded like cattle. Granted we got a bit bewildered as to where we were and how to get where we wanted but we managed.

First thing we saw was the Spanish Steps, which honestly I’m not sure why they’re so special, but they were nice looking I guess, for steps.

Next thing we saw was the Trevi Fountain, which was pretty nice, at least it looked more extravagant than other fountains I’ve seen, unlike the Spanish Steps. While there we also had some gelato, which was very good.

After that we made our way to the Colosseum. We did take a guided tour there, but that one wasn’t as bad as the Vatican City tour. The guide waited for people and she spoke more clearly. Also, getting the tour we were able to bypass the line to get in, so if we hadn’t have done the tour we wouldn’t have had time to go into the Colosseum. Although, like the Sistine Chapel yesterday I actually thought the Colosseum would have been bigger.

After that we decided to get a taxi back to where we needed to meet the bus instead of walking since it was mostly uphill from where we were. And actually it wasn’t that bad, only about 5 euros. Now I’m not sure how far it actually was, but it was worth it not to have to walk back.

After we got back to the ship we had the lifeboat drill, and then dinner. Fortunately, tomorrow the excursion I’m on doesn’t start until later in the morning so I’ll get to sleep in.

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